Accessible In-Home Caregivers

Accessible Home Health Care is not a business of buying and selling. It's a business of caring and trusting. This is the message we want to communicate in everything we do.

A Message From Our Founders

From the moment you speak with one of our representatives, to the day you welcome your caregiver into your home, we want you to know that our priority isn't profit, it's quality, it's care, and it's compassion.

This is why we're selective with both our franchisors and our caregivers. We want to know that everyone in the Accessible Home Health Care family is putting patients before profits. If we wouldn't trust someone to take care of our family, we would never allow them to take care of yours.

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Our dedicated, professional caregivers are ready to provide compassionate in-home care whenever you need it, 24/7.

Our Skilled Nurses and Knowledgeable Caregivers

Hiring the best caregivers is only the beginning. To provide you with caregivers who are both compassionate and knowledgeable, we ensure every member of Accessible Home Health Care is trained and certified, and provided continuous education through the Accessible Online Academy. Because in-home medical and care advancements are constantly being made, we want to keep our caregivers up to date on current best practices and procedures. Our vigorous training programs allow us to promise you the best possible care for your family.

Medical Home Care Assistance

Medical Caregivers

  • Certified Nurse Assistants
  • Registered Nurses
  • Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Speech Therapists
Companion Care Assistance

Non-Medical Caregivers

  • Companions
  • Home Health Caregivers
  • Personal Care Caregivers

Access Match Caregiver Program

Our Access Match Caregiver Program is a unique matching program that ensures your caregiver is the best possible match for your family. We assess both your loved one's medical needs and personality, so you know that not only are they receiving the best quality of compassionate care, but a companion who will improve their happiness, health, and quality of life.

Access Match Caregiver Program

We understand that asking for assistance and opening up your home to others is not easy. That's why we encourage you and your family to be involved in the process of selecting your caregiver. Using our Access Match Caregiver system, we will determine which of our in-home caregivers are best suited for your family's needs. Then, we will arrange meet & greets with several of our caregivers, and allow you to decide who is the right fit for your loved one.

AccessEdge Caregiver Program

At Accessible Home Health Care, we are fully cognizant of the fact that at the start and in the end we are only as good as the care provided by our caregivers to our patients. Our AccessEdge© system gives our company the competitive advantage of providing "Compassionate Care From The Heart" to all of our patients – from newborns to seniors.

AccessEdge comprises but is not limited to:

  • Our Caregivers' recruiting, testing, and screening procedures
  • Our quality assurance program, proprietary "AccessSyst" personnel and patient chart management system
  • Our proprietary "AccessScan"© software to expedite communication
Access Match Caregiver Program

Safety and Comfort are Our Priorities

Part of what makes a caregiver trustworthy is knowing that they're able and willing to back up their credentials. Our caregivers have all agreed to a rigorous screening process which involves character references, a 28-point background check, and "Zero Tolerance" and "Drug-Free Workplace" commitments.


28-Point Background Check

This involves a check of criminal history, verification of education and professional credentials, and employment references.

Zero Tolerance & Drug-Free Workplace Policies

All caregivers are drug-tested before being matched with a family, and agree to random drug testing throughout employment.


Our Award-Winning Caregivers

The best in-home care begins with the best caregivers. We guarantee our caregivers will provide your loved one with the same compassionate care they give their own families. To ensure we live up to this promise, our caregivers are continuously evaluated using our Mrs. Rosette J. Salem Caregiver Recognition Program. This program takes input from patients, their family members, their physicians, and our Director of Nursing to fully evaluate the care your family is receiving and ensure that our caregivers are recognized for providing outstanding compassionate care.

Ready to improve the care your loved one receives?

Caregiver Recognition

Caregivers who are consistently recognized for providing outstanding compassionate care from the heart are rewarded for being models of our Caregiver's Ten Commandments. The Mrs. Rosette J. Salem Caregiver Award is awarded to caregivers who provide exceptional care, comfort, and compassion to their clients. If you have received care from our staff, please tell us about your experience!

Mrs. Rosette J. Salem, Award Winners List©

Caregiver of the Year Awards

Caregiver of the Quarter Awards

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