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Daylight Savings Time: How It Affects Seniors & How To Cope

Remembering when to set our clocks an hour ahead or an hour behind is difficult enough for the average person. Making such changes in the lives of seniors, especially those who already face the challenges of memory disorders, can have adverse effects. When a senior relies on routine to get through the day, disrupting that […]

Managing Holiday Loneliness in Seniors: Tips and Support

The holiday season is a time for joy, togetherness, and celebration. However, for many seniors, it can also be a time of increased loneliness and isolation. As families gather and festivities abound, some seniors might find themselves grappling with feelings of solitude. Understanding the causes of this loneliness and offering support can make a significant […]

5 Ways Caregivers Can Create a Meaningful Bond with Seniors

A caregiver is one of the most important roles in a senior’s life. There is a level of trust, respect, and understanding that goes into each interaction these two people may have. Ensuring that you start your relationship with the senior you care for on the right foot is key to creating a long, meaningful […]

Combatting Seniors’ Biggest Challenges

Getting older can be difficult, but we can give our loved ones the confidence they need by understanding what they face. What concerns our aging loved ones have can be redirected with the correct level of support from us.  While some of their challenges are a matter of stereotypes and mindset, most have real solutions […]

Understanding the Difference Between Alzheimer’s and Dementia

September marks World Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. This means our focus this month should be on further understanding what Alzheimer’s Disease is and how it compares to dementia. Knowing the difference between the two can help you ensure your loved ones get the best care possible. To help you out,  we have outlined the similarities and […]

How Seniors Can Stay Active to Avoid Isolation

The past two years have been challenging in many ways for a lot of people. Between lockdowns, quarantine, and travel restrictions, we have all experienced loneliness and isolation. These negative feelings undoubtedly impact all who experience them, but they can be especially damaging to seniors.  Feelings of isolation in seniors have been proven to leave […]

5 Winter Safety Tips for Older Adults

The winter season can be unpredictable weather-wise. During the winter months, snow, ice, and cool temperatures can impact your daily routine. It’s critical for everyone, including older adults, to prepare for the colder times of the year.  While everyone is likely to feel cold now and then during the winter, being cold seriously affects your […]