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Accessible Home Health Care Introduces WizeCare to Suite of Technology Solutions

Accessible Home Health Care has launched an integrated health care platform powered by WizeCare to improve home care clinician access to diagnostic and predictive analytic tools. This solution will enable providers to enhance the experience of patients receiving physical therapy and rehabilitation remotely.  Accessible Home Health Care and WizeCare will be positioned to provide a […]

How to Advocate for Your Senior’s Health

As your seniors get older, communicating their needs becomes something that they may no longer be able to do on their own.  Being an advocate for your senior’s healthcare needs means speaking up for them when times become difficult. Communicating on behalf of your older loved one is crucial to provide them with the best […]

Continuity of Care for Home Care Patients During COVID-19

Home care has become increasingly important as healthcare professionals and families look for ways to assist older loved ones and those with chronic conditions at this time. Our goal remains the same: providing compassionate care from the heart. To ensure the continuity of care for our clients and the safety of our caregivers, we take […]

The 5 Best Technologies for Caregivers and Seniors

Technology can make life easier, safer, and more enjoyable for both seniors and caregivers – here’s how! When you consider the key characteristics of a compassionate caregiver, how often do you think about the use or implementation of leading edge technologies? All too often, we tend to under-emphasize the role of technology in the caregiving […]

How to Build Relationships Between Caregivers and Patients

Creating a positive and collaborative relationship between patient and caregiver will ensure the best outcome for the senior, and it’s easier than you might think Caregivers are a special breed. Those who are truly committed to their craft will provide compassionate and caring support for those in need, and they’ll do it with a smile […]