What to Know When Becoming a Caregiver

what to expect when becoming a caregiver

Perhaps you are in the market for a career change and love to help people and make an impact on your community, or maybe you have always loved working with older individuals and want to make it a part of your career.

Regardless of how you decided to become a caregiver, this is just the first step on your journey. Caregiving is a rewarding career, and like every job, it has unique challenges. We are sure that you have many questions regarding how to get started and what to expect.

We have curated a list of resources and tips on starting your career as a caregiver.

Exploring Opportunities with Homecare Agencies 

If you recently decided to embark on your journey as a caregiver, the next decision you need to make is who you want to work for and where. 

When you work for a home care agency, you are hired through a larger company and will work alongside many other people.

 Home care agencies can offer greater stability because they are insured, bonded, and you, as an employee, will be covered under worker’s compensation.

Working for an agency also means that you will be in a team setting. Since agencies offer a wide variety of services, your skills will be matched to a specific service, and you will be matched with clients based on your ability and those that work best for you. 

Agencies like Accessible also offer employee benefits such as continued education and training opportunities, caregiver recognition programs, and equal employment opportunities.

How to Get Started as a Caregiver

Being a caregiver does not happen overnight and requires a bit of work. Caregivers must ensure that their patients are under the best care possible, so caregivers should be trained to provide the highest care level. 

Years of experience may not be necessary when you are first starting, but you must be adequately trained and prepared for the responsibilities that come with the job.

Home care agencies may offer continuing education programs and training courses to help you be ready to work with patients. 

These educational opportunities can lead you to become:

  • Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
  • Registered Nurse (RN)
  • Certified Nurse Assistant (CRN)
  • & many more titles!

Additional educational opportunities can include training for specific diseases and illnesses such as  Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Dementia.

Non-Medical Caregiver Careers

Being a caregiver means being a reliable presence in the home. Some families need an outside source to come in and assist with daily living tasks that include cooking, housekeeping, grocery shopping, transportation, and general companionship.

Depending on your clients’ needs, you may cook meals, provide companionship, or assist them with daily tasks such as getting dressed. 

At Accessible, we have positions that are listed under a “Non-Medical Caregivers” category. Within this are jobs such as:

  • Companions
  • Home Health Caregivers
  • Personal Care Caregivers

What to Expect as a Caregiver

Caregiving comes with a list of challenges and perks, just like any other job. 

When working for an agency, your skills will be matched to a specific patient’s needs. Another caregiver may accompany you depending on a patient’s care plan. Working as a team, you and your fellow caregivers will attend to your patient and report to the agency to communicate important messages and chart progress. Your goal is to fulfill their needs and assist them in any way to make their life at home as independent and comfortable as possible. 

Based on the patient, your daily routine may vary. One day, a patient could have appointments that they need to be driven to, while another day, they may need help around the house with light housekeeping and meal preparation. 

As a personal caregiver, you will develop relationships and routines with your patients. You will often work closely with their families, so being personable, compassionate, and reliable will allow you to develop strong interpersonal relationships.

Becoming a Caregiver with Accessible

Accessible Home Health Care will be there for your entire caregiving journey. If you are interested in becoming a caregiver, we urge you to reach out to us with any questions and see how you could be a member of our team.