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Discover the 20 Best Smartphone Apps for Seniors

In today’s world, technology has become vital to everyday life. There is truly an app for everything – you can utilize an app to get you everything you need. These apps can be extremely useful for ensuring our senior loved ones feel safe, secure, and connected in their home environment. While we still might occasionally […]

Tips for Maintaining Muscle Mass and Bone Health as We Age

Maintaining the best bodily health as we age is of the utmost importance. Our muscles and bones are likely to suffer the most from natural causes due to aging. Knowing how best to keep them at their healthiest is vital to everyday health. The older we get, our muscles will likely lose mass and definition. […]

Tips for Seniors to Remain Active During Colder Months

Staying physically active can become more challenging as the weather gets colder, especially for seniors. It’s well known that the change in weather can lead to seasonal depression in some, while cold weather can exacerbate certain physical conditions – such as arthritis – in others. The choice to remain active despite the changes is a […]

Emotional Wellness Activities for Seniors

Wellness isn’t just about physical health. There is a mind and body connection that can’t be overlooked. Keeping track of your loved ones’ emotional well-being is just as important as their physical health. In fact, a Yale study on aging and retirement found that seniors with a positive view of their lives and themselves lived […]

How to Advocate for Your Senior’s Health

As your seniors get older, communicating their needs becomes something that they may no longer be able to do on their own.  Being an advocate for your senior’s healthcare needs means speaking up for them when times become difficult. Communicating on behalf of your older loved one is crucial to provide them with the best […]