The Pursuit of Senior Happiness: A Recipe for Enjoying Life

Three older senior ladies outside hugging, smiling, and enjoying life.

As we get older, our lives sometimes slow down, especially when our routines change due to retirement, medical concerns, or simply reaching a new phase in life. One way to combat all these changes is by focusing on the things around us that bring us joy.

As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Happiness is not a goal; it’s a by-product.”

We have to enjoy life no matter what it throws us—reaching a point where we can look at our challenges and see the beauty and joy within them is the ultimate goal, not the happiness itself.

There are many ways to ensure we find happiness within our everyday pursuits. Whether it is through taking time to enjoy nature, pursuing a hobby we’ve forgotten, or checking in on our friends and family.

A Healthy Body Is A Happy Body

One of the most significant ways we can ensure our continued happiness is through our overall health. The better we treat our bodies, the better we feel.

That is why eating right, exercising as much as possible, and making regular trips to the doctor will create happiness in our lives that can’t be matched by anything else. Taking control of our health in whatever way we can will work wonders on our bodies and mental happiness.

Even with chronic pain or illness, happiness can be found through having a management plan with our doctor. Taking the time to regulate what we can’t control will diminish the stress our anxiety can cause our bodies.

Mental health plays a big part in ensuring overall happiness; chronic conditions or poor health management can affect it. Being aware of all our challenges and meeting them with positivity and hope can go a long way.

Staying Mentally Active Creates Positivity

Our social and physical life slowing down doesn’t mean we must stop doing anything we love. Continuing to participate in activities and hobbies we enjoy keeps our minds active and ensures that happiness is never far away.

Some might think that staying mentally active means participating in mentally challenging activities even if we don’t particularly like them. This can’t be further from the truth.

Doing any kind of activity that requires our minds to send signals to the rest of our body – whether it is through body movements or the relaying of information – is a mentally active activity.

So, if you enjoy going out in nature and enjoying flowers or other forms of nature, add to it by going with a companion and discussing what you know about these plants. If you love to knit, find a group of others who love this activity and do a project together.

Another way we can stay mentally active is through part-time work. Sometimes, after we retire, we still need that burst of socialization and routine. Volunteering or working part-time allows us the opportunity without becoming overwhelmed.

We can keep our minds and bodies active in many ways that won’t add to our anxiety and stress.

Family and Friends Keep Us Connected

Four seniors outside in a row laughing and smiling.

One of the best ways to ensure happiness as we age is by remaining engaged with the world around us. The easiest way to accomplish this is by socializing with family and friends.

We spend time with other people all our lives, either through school or work. So when we get older, and these elements of our lives start to fade away, it becomes harder to find opportunities to connect.

Remember, happiness isn’t a goal; it’s a by-product of our goal. So, creating a goal to engage with our family and friends a couple of times a month can result in happiness.

Suppose you don’t have any known opportunities on the horizon that encourage social engagement. In that case, you can take the initiative and invite others to join you in your daily activities.

Ask your son or daughter to walk with you at your favorite park. Invite a friend to bake a cake or cook a meal together and then enjoy it over coffee or wine.

Simply put, reach out, and you will find others who want to spend time together.

Never Take The Little Things for Granted

There is power in the positive. Taking time daily to remind ourselves that we love our lives and there is joy to be found all around us will give us the motivation to see the small things.

If you are looking at your big-picture future and feeling overwhelmed, take a step back, breathe, and then find one thing right in front of you to be optimistic about.

It can be that the flowers outside your window have started to bloom. Or that your neighbor stopped to chat with you when you went to get your mail. Or simply that you are alive and well for another day of sunshine and possibilities.

Taking stock of the little things in our lives will help diminish the overwhelming anxiety that can come with all those significant changes as we age.

Are You Concerned About Your Loved One?

Awareness of our loved one’s moods and overall demeanor can ensure they remain happy and healthy as they age.

If you think your loved one could use a helping hand in their health, there are steps you can take to ensure they get back on track. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by speaking with your loved one’s caregiver.

The caregivers at Accessible are specially qualified to assist you with maintaining your senior’s happiness through health management and social engagement. If you have concerns, let us know, and we can work with you to adjust their routine.