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Love Beyond Time: Nurturing Intergenerational Bonds

In many cultures, the elder members of a family or group are revered beyond measure. This is due to their value as keepers of the traditions and stories. Seniors can pass along their lifetime of experience and knowledge to the next generation through storytelling and related activities. Traditions, histories, and culture are a big part […]

Managing Holiday Loneliness in Seniors: Tips and Support

The holiday season is a time for joy, togetherness, and celebration. However, for many seniors, it can also be a time of increased loneliness and isolation. As families gather and festivities abound, some seniors might find themselves grappling with feelings of solitude. Understanding the causes of this loneliness and offering support can make a significant […]

The Role of Exercise in Diabetic Senior Care

For individuals diagnosed with diabetes, managing care can involve quite a few things to remember. As we age, these things become even more vital to our continued successful health maintenance. The most important aspect of our health management that we should always adhere to is exercise. No matter our age, being able to engage in […]

Tips for Seniors to Remain Active During Colder Months

Staying physically active can become more challenging as the weather gets colder, especially for seniors. It’s well known that the change in weather can lead to seasonal depression in some, while cold weather can exacerbate certain physical conditions – such as arthritis – in others. The choice to remain active despite the changes is a […]

Accessible Remote Care Management Introduces DANA & Brain Vital

Summary: Accessible Remote Care Management has partnered with DANA™ BrainVital to bring remote cognitive care management to their clients with PTSD, Alzheimer’s,TBI, AD/HD etc. MARCH 1, 2023 — Accessible Remote Care Management, a provider of remotechronic care management technology, has introduced cognitive monitoring throughDANA™ Brain Vital. The partnership allows the company to offer its ARCM […]

Understanding the Difference Between Alzheimer’s and Dementia

September marks World Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. This means our focus this month should be on further understanding what Alzheimer’s Disease is and how it compares to dementia. Knowing the difference between the two can help you ensure your loved ones get the best care possible. To help you out,  we have outlined the similarities and […]

How To Stay Safe and Healthy During the Holiday Season

Safety Tips for Holiday Gatherings We are officially entering the holiday season, which brings along gatherings, festivities, and traveling. However, the colder weather also brings the start of flu season, colds, and an array of viruses. As the seasons change, that also means it’s time to start decorating and getting in the holiday spirit, which […]