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The Beauty of Aging in Place is Your Elderly Parents Can Continue to Live in the Home They Love

The Joy Many Seniors Find by Aging in Place Remember the first time your parents handed you the car keys and let you venture out on your own? Was there anything more exciting than that rush of independence? Of knowing you were trusted to be responsible, to be a grown-up, to do something by yourself? […]

List of Therapeutic Activities for Seniors with Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Family caregivers often express how difficult it can be to come up with meaningful activities for their senior loved ones with Alzheimer’s and dementia. We agree, it isn’t always easy helping your loved one stay engaged, but it’s incredibly important to keep them mentally and physically active. To help family caregivers and their loved ones, […]

How to Hire a Private Caregiver with Safety in Mind

Knowing how to hire a private caregiver who is reliable and trustworthy is necessary for families that want to provide their loved ones with the best care. There are a lot of potential private caregivers for hire, and the quality of care they provide isn’t guaranteed if they are not working with an accredited home […]

How Do You Get Dependable Home Health Care?

A lot of family caregivers reach the point where they realize their loved one needs more assistance than they can provide. Maybe you’ve been noticing signs that your loved one cannot be left alone without supervision or needs increased help with daily activities, like bathing and dressing. Perhaps the housekeeping and laundry are becoming too […]

Why Respite Care for the Elderly Is Important for Caregivers

Caregiving is a full-time job that is often disproportionately placed on the shoulders of family caregivers. In fact, 83% of caregivers providing assistance to seniors and those with chronic conditions are unpaid family members, friends, and neighbors. This report comes as no surprise to family caregivers who shoulder the responsibility of providing care for a […]

How to Build a Checklist for Choosing an In Home Care Provider

Selecting the right in home care for your elderly parent can significantly increase their quality of life and help put your mind at ease. In home care includes a wide range of services that allow seniors, including those with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, the ability to stay in their own home and continue to feel independent […]

How to Build Relationships Between Caregivers and Patients

Creating a positive and collaborative relationship between patient and caregiver will ensure the best outcome for the senior, and it’s easier than you might think Caregivers are a special breed. Those who are truly committed to their craft will provide compassionate and caring support for those in need, and they’ll do it with a smile […]