Tips for Maintaining Muscle Mass and Bone Health as We Age

Seniors exercising to maintain better bone health

Maintaining the best bodily health as we age is of the utmost importance. Our muscles and bones are likely to suffer the most from natural causes due to aging. Knowing how best to keep them at their healthiest is vital to everyday health. The older we get, our muscles will likely lose mass and definition. […]

5 Ways Caregivers Can Create a Meaningful Bond with Seniors

Caregiver sitting on the couch hugging senior

A caregiver is one of the most important roles in a senior’s life. There is a level of trust, respect, and understanding that goes into each interaction these two people may have. Ensuring that you start your relationship with the senior you care for on the right foot is key to creating a long, meaningful […]

Music is the Spice of Life: How Music Helps Memory Loss

Senior woman singing along to music therapy

If music is the food of love, play on. This line from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night shows that music is interwoven into all elements of our lives. If love is enough to help the ones we love, then by extension, music can help us feed our loved ones’ minds, bodies, and souls. Music therapy has been […]

Tips for Seniors to Remain Active During Colder Months

Older woman walking outside

Staying physically active can become more challenging as the weather gets colder, especially for seniors. It’s well known that the change in weather can lead to seasonal depression in some, while cold weather can exacerbate certain physical conditions – such as arthritis – in others. The choice to remain active despite the changes is a […]

Accessible Remote Care Management Introduces DANA & Brain Vital

Doctor scrolling on tablet to monitor patient health and brain vitals

Summary: Accessible Remote Care Management has partnered with DANA™ BrainVital to bring remote cognitive care management to their clients with PTSD, Alzheimer’s,TBI, AD/HD etc. MARCH 1, 2023 — Accessible Remote Care Management, a provider of remotechronic care management technology, has introduced cognitive monitoring throughDANA™ Brain Vital. The partnership allows the company to offer its ARCM […]

Emotional Wellness Activities for Seniors

two seniors dancing and enjoying life in their kitchen

Wellness isn’t just about physical health. There is a mind and body connection that can’t be overlooked. Keeping track of your loved ones’ emotional well-being is just as important as their physical health. In fact, a Yale study on aging and retirement found that seniors with a positive view of their lives and themselves lived […]

Combatting Seniors’ Biggest Challenges

Old man and caregiver sitting on couch talking

Getting older can be difficult, but we can give our loved ones the confidence they need by understanding what they face. What concerns our aging loved ones have can be redirected with the correct level of support from us.  While some of their challenges are a matter of stereotypes and mindset, most have real solutions […]

Everyone Needs a Friend: Pets and Seniors

Senior woman sitting down in wheelchair petting orange cat in lap

“Animals are such agreeable friends. They ask no questions; they pass no criticisms.” This quote from George Eliot lays out why so many people love having an animal friend around. Who doesn’t have a fond memory from childhood or early adulthood with an animal? Something about friends who provide nothing but love and comfort brings […]