Accessible Recognizes Caregiver of Veteran with 2020 Hidden Hero Award

2020 Veteran Caregiver Award

Coral Springs, Florida, October 20, 2020 — Accessible Home Health Care has established under their “Milton M. Rager Veteran Recognition Program” an annual “Hidden Hero Award” to recognize a veteran’s family caregiver who has made unspoken sacrifices while caring for and supporting their loved one returning from active duty. 

Mirella Salem, President of Accessible Home Health Care stated, “This is a continuation of our commitment to expand our support and recognition to veterans and their loved ones for their honorable service.”   

Cheryl Rager, Executive Director stated, “We are proud to announce that the first recipient of this recognition is Robin Abrahamson-Alford, as a spouse of a severely disabled veteran, Alan Alford.  For the past 20 years she has been by his side as his primary family caregiver, watching her husband go through the trials and tribulations of his illness, hospital stays, paralysis, as well as the denial letters from the VA.”

Robin stated that she knew she had to get involved in the plight of her husband and thereafter for other disabled veterans. 

 While she is first and foremost a loving wife, mother, and grandmother, she devotes the rest of her time to supporting all who have worn the uniform and their families.  In addition to being a veterans’ advocate, she is an accomplished author and breast cancer survivor as well as breast cancer advocate.

 Alan stated, “I am positive that without Robin’s care, support and advocacy on my behalf, I might not be around today.”  After watching her husband struggle with the VA system over the years, she realized how imperative it was for him to receive his benefits and became his advocate.   Shortly thereafter, they were successful with his VA claim.

Over the last 20 years, Robin and Alan have become leaders and prominent figures within the veteran community.  They have assisted tens of thousands of veterans, service members, and their families in receiving their benefits and offering support as caregivers.  

As part of their commitment to veterans, Accessible Home Health Care has an operating entity, Access Vet Benefits (, to assist veterans in reviewing their eligibility and assisting veterans in accessing available VA benefits.

Photo Left to Right – Mirella Salem, Cheryl Rager, Robin Abrahamson-Alford, Aarif Dahod, Alan Alford, Maj. Michael Jones (Ret)