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Compassionate Home Care Stories from Houston, Texas

Accessible Home Health Care of Houston provides compassionate care right in the comfort of our patients’ homes. Find out what our clients are saying about our services! Please note that some of the names have been changed for privacy.

A Compassionate Care Story

  • The Patient:

    Mr. Jay of Sugarland, Texas.

  • What We Did:

    Jay is an 87-year-old veteran living by himself in a home he built several decades ago. At first, our care team used daily phone check-ins and once a week visits to ensure Jay was getting the level of care he needed to manage his diabetes. However, after the first few visits to his home, we discovered that Jay’s residence could not accommodate his motorized wheelchair, especially in the bathroom.

    Randy Paramore, the owner of Accessible Home Health Care of Houston, realized something had to be done about Jay’s inability to tend to his hygiene. Randy and his family stepped up to help renovate Jay’s bathroom to be handicap accessible.

  • The Outcome:

    Home renovations are outside our scope of services, but Randy and his family went above and beyond to help a local veteran in need. Thanks to a few good Samaritans coming together, Jay is now able to tend to his own hygiene regularly. To make sure Jay continues to get the level of care he needs, he now receives daily visits from a caregiver to assist him with his insulin and provide companionship.

Get Compassionate Home Care for Your Loved One in Harris County

Our goal is to provide compassionate care to help families and seniors improve the quality of their lives and live as independently as possible. If you are interested in home care services, contact us today to start your care journey.