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Compassionate Care Stories From Northern New Jersey

Read real-life examples of how Accessible Home Care of Northern New Jersey works to bring compassionate senior care to the lives of our patients and their families living in the Essex, Morris, Bergen, and Passaic counties of New Jersey. Please note that the names have been changed for privacy.

A Compassionate Care Story

  • The Patient:

    Ellen’s mother-in-law in Northern New Jersey

  • What We Did:

    We took the time to listen and find out exactly what the family’s needs were. We learned that Ellen’s mother-in-law needed to meet a 100 day elimination period, and we worked out a perfect schedule to meet her health requirements. Ellen’s mother-in-law did not need four hours of care a day, so we were able to accommodate Ellen and her mother-in-law’s schedule to provide care when necessary.

  • The Outcome:

    Ellen and her family were ecstatic that we were able to accommodate their schedule, as many home care agencies require at least four hours a day of care regardless of your situation. Ellen and her family rely on the staff at Accessible Home Health Care of Northern New Jersey and have formed a close bond with Aye and Carol, our office managers. “I highly recommend Accessible Home Health Care to anyone looking for a caring company to help take care of you loved one,” says Ellen. “They will put themselves in your shoes and work out the best plan for you.”

Compassionate Home Care for Your Loved One in Northern New Jersey

If you are looking for compassionate home care services for your loved one living in Essex, Morris, Bergen, and Passaic counties of New Jersey, let us help you plan your family’s care journey.