Remote Patient Monitoring with Free Equipment and Onboarding

Accessible Remote Patient Monitoring reduces costs for healthcare providers by preventing readmissions.

Accessible Remote Patient Monitoring is a fully HIPAA and FDA compliant system that allows QHCPs to monitor patient measurements in real time. ARPM’s innovative “One Stop Solution” program offers the following exclusive benefits beyond providing state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology:

  • Free Onboarding in 72 Hours (or 24 Hours Expedited)
  • Free Equipment
  • Direct Patient Technical Support
  • Monitoring Alerts
  • 24/7 Online HealthVitals 
  • 20 Minutes Contact
  • Billing Reports

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities can benefit from using ARPM to monitor discharged patients, as can continuing care retirement communities. ARPM starts at $55 per patient per month. If even one trip to the hospital is prevented, the system pays for itself.

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    Reduce Hospitalization or Rehospitalization by 40%

    Accessible Home Health Care provides in home care for seniors and chronic care patients nationwide. Keeping patients out of the hospital and providing better care at home has never been more critical, and Accessible is addressing these needs through ARPM by utilizing the Claris Continuum platform.

    Connect Monitoring Devices

    Connect: Monitoring Devices

    Our remote patient monitoring devices wirelessly connect via bluetooth.

    Communicate Patient Tablet

    Communicate: Patient Tablet

    Our 4G tablet displays feedback to clients at home – improving compliance.

    Monitor Caregiver Dashboard

    Monitor: Caregiver Dashboard

    Our online dashboard alerts caregivers to at-risk patients so your staff can intervene.

    What Patients Are Saying

    I found the system very helpful and satisfying including my daily progress, pain, and communication with staff when any concern came up. Awesome machine, thanks and a great big thanks to the awesome understanding staff.

    Dave Godlonton


    Our 24/7 HealthVitals System Records:

    ✓ Blood Glucose

    ✓ Temperature

    ✓ Blood Pressure

    ✓ Heart Rate

    ✓ SpO2

    ✓ Weight

    Gain a Competitive Advantage with ARPM

    Gain a Competitive Advantage with ARPM
    • Empower your patients to manage their own care at home so they have the confidence to succeed.
    • Deliver personalized care by easily adjusting in-home care programs so patients get the help they need.
    • Standardize your care approach by reviewing quantitative data from many patients and making improvements.
    • Improve your profitability by reducing adverse events, the amount of skilled care required, and unnecessary costs.

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