In Home Care Plan Programs

You and your family deserve responsible, compassionate care. To ensure our caregivers are providing the best in home care to your loved one 24/7, they are required to complete several programs, all of which were designed by Accessible Home Health Care. Each required program was designed with your loved one in mind and ensures that our caregivers are well-matched with each patient, certified in the best care practices, and able to deliver the best in home care.

compassionate alzheimers

Compassionate Alzheimer’s & Loss of Memory Support Program (CALMS)

Memory loss is an enormous strain on everyone in a family, especially those suffering from a form of Dementia. In order to provide the best certified care, we created our Compassionate Alzheimer’s & Loss of Memory Support Program, or CALMS. To guarantee our caregivers are administering the best in home health care possible for our patients with Dementia and Alzheimer’s:

  • All caregivers are certified.
  • Verification of documents is completed to determine the proficiency levels of Accessible Home Health Care caregivers.
  • In-service materials are made available to the caregiver by AHHC from other sources.
  • Guidelines for caregiving are followed.
  • Appropriate activities for patients and caregivers are performed.
  • All CALMS patient information will be carefully documented in the CALMS Care Plan and weekly activity log.
  • Caregivers administer a Reminder Program to assist patients in performing daily tasks including:
    • Taking medication at prescribed times
    • Practice good hygiene
    • Incontinence care
    • Eating meals at scheduled times
    • Recall family relationship & events
    • Prevent wandering and calm anxiety

access superior

AccessSuperiorKare Program

The act of caring for someone means going above and beyond to ensure their health, happiness, and wellbeing. Our AccessSuperiorKare program, or ASK,is designed to provide the ultimate service in customized home health care. The program’s objective is to go above and beyond in delivering service that meets our established “Gold Standards of Superior Care”. To guarantee our caregivers are providing superior service, our ASK program assures that:

  • We develop and implement an all-inclusive customized care and social plan to enhance quality of life and maintain social involvement with family and friends.
  • We offer our Interactive Quality Assurance Program to give feedback to improve our services and ensure we are meeting our highest level of service.
  • Our caregivers must successfully complete assignments to continue their education on our “Accessible Online Academy.”
  • We will do our best to pair skilled caregivers with patients using our AccessMatch Caregiver Program.
  • We will coordinate, implement and communicate logistics for medical and social outings for patients.
  • All of our caregivers receive initial and regular background verifications.
  • Our clients and their family have access to our “Accessible Online Academy.

icon access match

Access Match Caregiver Program

Finding the perfect caregiver who can fulfill your loved one’s home care needs can be difficult, much less one that matches your loved one on a personal level. In order to find the most qualified caregivers for your specialized care plan, we created our AccessMatch Caregiver Program.

Our program analyzes not only which of our caregivers are best suited to match your family’s home care needs, but which ones are the most likely to bond with your loved one on a personal level. Having a caregiver who understands their patient on a personal level is important for the comfort of the patient, especially those with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. To match your loved one with the best caregiver, our AccessMatch Caregiver Program takes the following into consideration:

  • Our caregivers’ level of professional training, licenses, certifications, and credits they have obtained and how these skills can be applied to better assist your loved one.
  • The background of our caregivers, including education, place of residence, and occupation history.
  • Our caregivers’ personalities.
  • After contacting us for service, we will ask a series of questions to better understand the personality of your loved one.

Accessible Online Academy

Accessible Online Academy Gold Standard

Our caregivers are the best trained in the industry. They have access to the most current information on methods to care for their patients via our Accessible Online Academy. The academy offers in excess of 2,500 online courses devoted to caring for patients with various conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, lifting a patient, and more. All courses are available to our caregivers via computer with internet connection or mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets.

The Accessible Online Academy drastically enhances the quality of our caregivers and their ability to take care of their patients. With information instantly available at their fingertips through the online academy, caregivers can quickly gain additional knowledge and thus be able to tailor care to fit their individual patient’s’ needs.