CareCaller™ Makes Home Care Easier

Hospital stays and ER visits can be distressing for seniors and those suffering from chronic illnesses, especially when they can avoid those trips. Research shows that many hospitalizations are preventable by coordinating medical support, education, and services to assist your loved one during recovery.

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Your loved one uses the CareCaller device, much like a nurse call button, to communicate directly with their care team. By reducing preventable hospital admissions, your loved one will be able to receive care and/or medical attention at home, where they are the most independent and comfortable

Here’s how CareCaller will help your loved one in the Greater Dallas Area:

Easy to Use:

Directly text and call up to three pre-established contacts including your loved one’s care provider, the home health care provider office, or a 24/7 nurse assist hotline.

Better Health Management:

Ask questions about medical condition(s), confirm medications, schedule and reschedule follow-up appointments, report a worsening condition, or request urgent nurse assistance.

Readmission Reduction:

Communication features including a real-time GPS patient locator, fall alert, text messaging, and the ability to make and receive calls.

How the CareCaller Program Works

  • We will work with you and your loved one to create a personalized CareCaller plan and provide education on using the hand-held device.
  • Our caregivers will provide home care according to your loved one’s plan and, when needed, can be reached with the CareCaller device.
  • Your loved one stays safe at home and avoids unnecessary hospital admission.

Prevent Hospital Admissions and Receive Home Care

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