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Accessible, since its inception, focused on the fact that the foundation of our business relies on the skill and caring of the caregiver, and with that in mind, we have always insisted that our caregivers are certified and trained. We have always understood that it is important to stay current with any new changes or to continue learning new skill sets. It has been corporate policy from the beginning to provide the caregivers access to the tools they will need to accomplish this. Accessible has created a library of educational packages to ensure that any caregiver is up to date or refreshed on the knowledge needed to assist the specific client that they will be working with.

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Accessible also understands that caregivers have a desire to grow in their careers and develop new skill sets. We have partnered with a nationally recognized and accredited provider of Continuing Education Units (CEU) to allow them to take as many courses as they wish. This provider has over twenty years experience in providing online courses to the home health care field. Each caregiver is assigned a personal login to the Accessible Academy and can access the courses from any phone, laptop, or desktop device. They can work on these courses any time of day or night at their convenience with the ability to stop at any point and resume their sessions at their leisure. The administrator of the agency monitors and ensures that all state-specific mandated courses are assigned to them and completed in a timely manner. Along with the assigned courses, the caregiver has access to take any one of the courses from an extensive library to increase their skill levels.

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