Accessible Home Health Care’s Patient Bill of Rights

It is your right to choose the home care you or your loved one receives. Our Patient Bill of Rights represents the values, quality of care, and services that are at the very heart of Accessible Home Health Care.


The Right to Receive Compassionate Care

  • The highest quality of care in the patient’s place of residence
  • Rehabilitation to the maximum level of independence
  • Continuation of the care initiated in the physician’s office, clinic, hospital, or nursing home


The Right to Be Informed

  • To be informed in advance about the care and treatment to be provided by caregivers
  • Education regarding their disease, health needs, safety, and emergency measures that will provide them with the information required to make informed decisions about their care
  • To refuse treatment to the extent permitted by law and to be informed of the medical consequences of their actions
  • An explanation of the charge for home health care; if any changes occur, the patient will be given at minimum a 15 days notice
  • To be informed about patient rights prior to the delivery of home health services provided by the company


The Right to Choose

  • A home health company of their choice, with full knowledge of all services provided, alternatives available, and the option to refuse care and/or to change their caregiver without fear of reprisal or discrimination
  • The entire health team, including the patient, will develop an individualized plan of care and change the plan of care as warranted by their needs and condition


The Right to Safety

  • That the company complies with all applicable state and federal rules and regulations
  • That skilled care will be provided by experienced and qualified personnel under the direction of the patient’s physician
  • That acceptance of health responsibilities will be promoted and encouraged by all health team members


The Right to Privacy

  • That their personal property, chosen lifestyle, and spiritual and emotional wellbeing will be treated with the utmost dignity and respect by all agency representatives
  • Confidentiality of and access to medical records according to all applicable state statutes


The Right to Voice Your Opinion

  • Opinions and grievances may be voiced without the fear of discrimination regarding their care. All grievances will be investigated. You may call and speak to the company administration; if not satisfied, you may call your state elder abuse line

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