Our Journey

Accessible Home Health Care was established in 2001 after an unsatisfactory search for quality home care for Mirella Salem’s mother led the company to perform an extensive study of the industry.

An alarming 87% of those using home health care for their loved ones were totally dissatisfied with the service and care they were receiving. The industry was found to be fragmented and the clients were left to wade through the choices of which type of services they were entitled to receive and how to access the proper insurances to aid in payment for these services.

Starting with three local offices in South Florida, Accessible Home Health Care decided to take the initiative to provide leadership and make changes. First and foremost, we initiated an aggressive public awareness program to advise end users as to “Patient’s Bill of Rights” highlighting that they have control and can make a decision on selecting the provider.

We actively lobbied the large insurance carriers to create approved and credentialed networks of providers to ensure the best quality of service for their customers. Likewise, with the state governments, we fought for stricter laws governing who can provide care.

Accessible worked with the Joint Commission on Accreditation to establish an accreditation process for non-medical agencies. We requested changes to reflect the needs of the clients that became adopted policy for these governing bodies such as: the creation of detailed Emergency Response Manuals, (previously just a phone number was provided) and the Patient’s Bill of Rights.

In 2006, after our three independent local offices had operated under our franchise model successfully and the framework had been established and proven, Accessible Home Health Care began to grow. Our goal was to geographically expand through franchising using our business model that creates stability of accountable Administrators to serve Clients’ needs on a long term basis. Through the years Accessible remains focused on our core value of being client focused.

We have introduced an “Accessible Online Academy” for the caregivers for continuous education enabling them to remain current with changes and remain the best in the industry.

Accessible continues to be innovative as our franchise system continues to grow.  We will always hold true to our commitment to be the leader in the home health care industry.

The best is yet to come!!!!