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Joint Commission Accreditation

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Accessible Care Caller Program Serving Houston Seniors

The Accessible Care Caller Program launched by Accessible Home Health Care of Houston safeguards patient health and helps ensure senior health, safety, and independence.

Readmissions Reduction Program Serving Houston Seniors

Hospitalizations can be stressful for seniors and Medicare patients, especially when followed with readmissions. While many readmissions are necessary, research suggests that many hospitalizations are preventable by coordinating medical support, education, and services to assist the patient during recovery.

The Accessible Care Caller Program

The Accessible Care Caller Program is intended to improve your loved one’s quality of life, experiences as a patient, and communications with their home health provider. The program is FREE for patients receiving services from Accessible Home Health Care of Houston. Enrolled patients will receive a Care Caller communication device that can contact their home care team at a push of a button.

The Accessible Care Caller Program is designed to:

Our program to reduce hospital readmissions officially started June 26, 2017. We’ve issued it to our most high-risk patients with plans to roll out Call Caller devices for all patients shortly.


  1. Improve communications with your loved one’s health provider
  2. Reduce the number of hospital readmissions
  3. Enhance patient experience while they recuperate at home, not in the hospital

How the Accessible Care Caller Program Works

  1. Contact Accessible Home Health Care of Houston a day before your loved one is discharged.
  2. We will work with you and your loved one to create a personalized plan of care and provide education for recovering at home.
  3. We will coordinate with the hospital discharge planner to ensure your loved one arrives home safely.
  4. Our caregivers will provide home care according to your love one’s plan of care, and can be reached with the Care Caller device if needed.
  5. Our caregivers will contact your loved one’s doctor if their health falls outside normal parameters so adjustments can be made to their personalized plan of care.
  6. Your loved one remains at home with a new plan of care and avoids hospital readmission.

Avoid Readmission and Recuperate in the Comfort of Home

Compassionate care is the key to reducing hospital readmission and staying independent in the comfort of your home. If you believe your loved one could benefit from the Accessible Care Caller Program, reach out today and start your care journey with us.

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