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Compassionate Care Stories From the Bluegrass

See what our clients are saying about the compassionate care Accessible Home Care of Lexington provides to our patients and their families. Please note that the names have been changed for privacy.

Compassionate Care Story # 1

  • The Patient: Mrs. J.A. in Fayette County, Kentucky.

  • What We Did: J.A. is in her early 60s and has early onset Alzheimer’s. Her husband has a full-time job and runs a small business on the side, so he needed someone to care for his wife while he was away at work. We listened and understood that her husband wished for J.A. to remain as active as possible. We worked with the couple to form a plan of care that would involve our professional caregivers taking J.A. on walks, going out to eat at restaurants, and assisting her with any travel requirements.

  • The Outcome: With the help of our seasoned caregivers, J.A. was able to lead as normal a life as possible, and her husband was able to remain at work. A good caregiver does much more than perform tasks for a client; they offer friendship, build a bond with the client, and provide peace of mind to the family. We’ve helped J.A. and her husband continue their lives with as little disruption as possible since our care started in June 2015.

Compassionate Care Story # 2

  • The Patient: Mr. J.B. Fayette County, Kentucky.

  • What We Did: J.B. had several medical issues that left him unable to stand or move without assistance. After hospitalization and rehab, J.B. was able to come home to continue his physical therapy. Since J.B. is 6’7? tall, he faced some unique challenges with his therapy due to his height. We listened to J.B.’s problem and goals, and after matching him with a few different caregivers, we were able to find the perfect one to help J.B. continue his therapy exercises at home.

  • The Outcome: J.B. now works with Mistry, a 5’11” professional caregiver, who can assist him with his physical therapy six days a week. He continues to get stronger every day. We were also able to process and submit all of J.B.’s long-term care insurance claims for him free of charge. We even allow the insurance company to pay us directly so J.B. and his wife can focus on the task at hand; getting J.B. well in a worry-free environment.

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We strive to provide compassionate care to help families and seniors improve their quality of life. If you are interested in senior care services, contact us today and we will help plan your care journey.

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